Announcement from Rinpoche about Offerings

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Announcement from Rinpoche about Offerings

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The best offering one can make to the Buddhas and their teachers is to put the Dharma into practice. So it has been said by previous masters.

I know you are all very dedicated and generous, but I request that you do not give me personal offerings of any type during the coming teaching and puja.

In keeping with the tradition of making offerings, if you insist on making offerings, and if you would like to offer to me personally as a gesture to create a connection, and if you are interested in supporting the Khyentse lineage, please make your contribution to Khyentse Foundation. You can put that in an envelope and offer that envelope to me. Khyentse Foundation helps thousands of monks, nuns, lay students, and practitioners, both directly and indirectly. Khyentse Foundations activities are vast -- from preserving rare texts and promoting Buddhist education to establishing university professorships. Moreover, your contributions to Khyentse Foundation become part of the endowment, which is their continuous source of support.

Otherwise, if you want to help in supporting the accessibility of Buddhadharma teachings, then donate to 84,000. Or if you want to be more secular and help destitute children in third-world countries, please think of Lotus Outreach. Finally, if you want to be more practical and hands on, donate to the local Siddhartha's Intent to help organize my teachings and events.

Also, you can buy living things to be released or make offerings of candles, water, and incense in your own home. ... e-abo.html

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