Moderni Buddhalaisuus

Keskustelua buddhalaisuudesta.
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Moderni Buddhalaisuus

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ViestiKirjoittaja ... » 17 Touko 2014 00:23

Pelkkää liirumlaarumia joka on keitetty länkkäfiltterin läpi kotoisaan pahvimukiin. Maku tosin jäi sinne filtteriin.

How does this idea—that Buddhism points to an essential, experiential truth beyond Buddhism—become a problem? I think there are several problems. For one thing, many Buddhist texts and teachers argue that if Buddhism is about anything, it's about critiquing essences! There is also a kind of arrogance in claiming that Buddhism is not so much a religion as it is the path to the truth behind all religions. In other words, when Suzuki and other contemporary Buddhist teachers argue that all religions emerge from and point toward a single truth, they also imply that Buddhism, properly understood, is the most direct expression of that truth. I have been present at any number of Buddhist-Christian "dialogues" in which Buddhist teachers lecture respected Christian leaders about the ultimate meaning or essence of Christianity, which strikes me as arrogant, to say the least."

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