Second documentary after comming home from Thailand

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Second documentary after comming home from Thailand

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You mentioned in your blog a while ago, you are creating a second documentary upon arriving home from monastic life in Thailand. I'm curious as to the status of this documentary. Did you ever release it, do you plan to?

I'm actually looking into ordaining into a forest tradition monastery in Europe, there are a few in the UK, so all information would be useful. It would be especially valuable being able to talk to or get some information from someone who actually had the experience and chose to disrobe. So this documentary would be of great value to me.

I don't want to jump the gun on this, I want to take things slow and look at all the aspects as I definitely have a romanticized version of Buddhism and monk life now. It would be very good to get a critical view of monk life and Buddhism in general, from someone who's been there and done it. This docu would be of great help!

Alternatively if you have some time maybe you can give me a few pointers or we can chat a bit here or in PM.

Thanks for your time.

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